Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VGM Of The Day #9: Star Parodier: Level Four Music

After a few days of no updates, I'm back once again with another theme and instead of sharing a theme some of you may know, I picked one from a game that I pretty much know that very few people outside of Japan would have known or played.

Star Parodier is what they call a Cute 'Em Up. These shooters do things a little differently where instead of going into space and space stations shooting down hundreds of space stations, it replaces it with the cute, cartoon like sprites hence Cute 'Em Up.

I bought this game on the virtual console cause I heard so many good things about it. As soon as I played it, I thought it was brilliant because of it was different. The game kept me guessing at what it was going to throw at me next. Giant flying trains, giant fish, snake charmer that controls three different snakes and A GIANT FREAKING SNOWMAN THAT THROWS SNOWBALLS AT YOU all of these are bosses in the game. In other shooters it would be just another spaceship or robot variant shooting lasers and projectiles.

Of course the game had some great tunes to listen to while playing and this happens to be my absolute favorite. This level is a snow/ice level, the very same level where you face the giant snow man. If the boss wasn't awesome enough this song should cinch it. The reason I liked this song was because all the levels had calm level themes, which was nice, but this one had energy to it. It is a good song to show that you are at the half way point and it's getting serious from here.

Overall it is a great song in game few have heard of, if you have heard of it and maybe even played it major nerd props for you. If you haven't you should check it out, it's only 900 points on the virtual console.

 Note: This song was not uploaded by me but done by JiggyGF

Also note that VGM of the day is going on an official hiatus as I need to make a list of what future songs are going to be because I am making this up as I go along and I think a list would make better posts as well as make me more organized. Luckily i have other things plan such as rants and reviews so we will see what happens.

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