Thursday, February 16, 2012

VGM Of The Day #8: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow: Silph Co

Today we are looking at a theme everyone who grew up when I did will undoubtedly know, and that is the Silph Co theme from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. Pokemon was a huge part of elementary school growing up, as you all may remember. Every kid who had a Gameboy came to school and showed off their party to anyone willing to look. Of course the teachers didn't like it, but, when you really think about it Pokemon was like a unrealized learning tool. Even though we didn't really think about it back then, we were organizing our party, carefully assigning four attacks we were limited to and leveling up while paying attention to level and stats. Well that's enough rambling, let's look at Silph Co.

Silph Co, for me, is the most memorable part of Pokemon Red/Blue. Sure before this you went through two caves, a Cruise Ship, Pokemon Tower and the underground basement of a casino filled with Team Rocket, but, nothing up to this point, or even after compared to Silph Co. Silph Co was a huge twoer located in Saffron City that has been taken hostage by Team Rocket. A lot of the buildings including the gym is blocked off by Team Rocket, making it a mandatory to complete the game. Silph Co is a huge  tower that consists of 11 floors each one filled with maze like corridors, items to pick up, teleportation tiles that take you to different areas in the building and team rocket grunts trying to take you down. A monumental part of the game needs a great theme and the one used delivers.

The Silph Co theme is like a tension rollercoaster; as from the very beggining the theme ascends like a pressure chamber  while at the same time you ascend the tower taking out Team Rocket members one by one; reaching the top to face Giovanni. This theme has been stuck in my head for so long probably because this part of the game takes so long; making the theme play over and over and over again until it is installed in your brain, but I don't mind because it ended up being my favorite in the game. See what a little repetition does, it make a memorable theme.

Note: Once again this song was not uploaded by me but done by this guy.

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