Saturday, February 11, 2012

VGM Of The Day #4: Donkey Kong Country: Jungle Hijinx

You know, I will just flat out say it, The Donkey Kong Country series has some of the best music in video games and It happens to be some of my favorite music in games. All of the music was just ahead of it's time showing everybody what was possible with game music. Add the fact that the music is just so damn good, I think it's wrong not to acknowledge it in my list.

I wanted to start with the theme that started it all, Jungle Hijinx. This is the theme that is definitely the most recognized and that is probably because this played in the very first level in the series. Not to mention that this is the theme pretty much associated with DK now. That means if DK is in a game nowadays, this theme is in there somewhere.

The song starts out with some rhythmic drums and then one by one as the intro goes on, another instrument is added like clockwork. When the bass comes in, it completely steals the show because it is so amazing. The intro is easily my favorite part of the song because of all the instruments sound so good together and it makes this bad ass combination of rhythmic drums, awesome bass and finally the piano at the very end; leading into the next part of the song.

The section is short, but it is an amazing jazz piece. The great part about this section is how it gets you into the rhythm of the platforming; jumping on all the enemies and timing your jumps. After this a quick transition using drums leads to the final part of the song.

This final part has kinda of a somber feeling to it. It is like the complete opposite of the exciting jazz of the previous section and when it comes in, it throws you off guard quite a bit.

I love this song from it's amazing drums and bass intro, all the way to it gloomy end. There has been nothing like this ever on the Super Nintendo or even in video games at that time. This excellent work deserves a spot on my list and expect more songs in the series in the future to be here.

Note: Once again I did not upload this song, it was done by this guy

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