Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VGM Of The Day #1 Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year Edition: Razorback

This marks the very first post of the VGM of the day series, It is pretty much were everyday I put up a Video Game Tune I like and share it. I am not going to lie this is inspired by the Youtube channel Supradarky he started his list a few year back and you can find his channel here. so on with the very first entry.

Most people that know me would probably think that my first post would be something from a Mario, Zelda or even a Final Fantasy game. This entry is specifically for you

Even though Unreal Tournament is mainly a multiplayer FPS; Epic games didn't make that an excuse for just throwing in some half ass songs into the game. Thanks to that way of thinking, we get stuff like this in the game.

This tracks starts out slow like it's waiting for you to start and at around the ten second mark, it explodes in to some awesome guitar riffs. That ten seconds is just enough time to start the match, find a weapon and start using it on your opponents. This makes it not only a good transition for the song, but also for what's going on in the game.

It goes on for awhile with some mix of guitar and electronic sounds leaving you to rack up your frag count. Then out of nowhere at the two minute mark this techno bit comes in and takes over the whole song; practically leaving the guitar in the background. It doesn't really sound like this sort of change should work, but it does beautifully.

This happens to be my favorite track in the game because not only is it a good song by itself, but it just works so well in the game making both the game and the song compliment each other. This is what video game music should strive to be and why it is the first entry on my list.

Note: The video of the song is not something I uploaded my self, it was actually done by ultdave. Check him out, as he has the entire UT soundtrack on his channel.

Also check out Supradarky's channel, this guys has over a thousand entry's (which is still going) so you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you enjoy or at least remember.

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